HOLM is all about the shopper. Winning their trust and giving them confidence.

Our software has been developed to give a totally personalised service to each.

Brilliant for fashion retailing, as we dramatically improve your customer service skills and your shopper’s experience. Plus, behind the scenes, we make retailing far more efficient throughout your entire supply chain by using powerful management information our individual shopper data creates.

Everything is designed to be hassle free for the customer. We focus on convenience, simplicity, efficiency and added value. No more time wasted browsing in store or online. Each shopper is fast tracked to garments that only look best on them.

Then, every time they visit your store again, or shop online, he/she accesses their profile for the same, immediate and accurate recommendation.

It’s perfect for promoting new collections and (we predict) the best personalised email targeting tool you’ll ever use.

What’s more, shoppers will rate you No.1 for using HOLM!