Next time you try on a garment that’s a little tight… try another in the same size…

You may be surprised when you find a difference. Sometimes a big difference! This is because the processes within clothing manufacture (like pattern cutting and sewing) remains particularly manual. It means you rarely find a garment that’s identically sized, let alone symmetrical.

What’s more, in research carried out during 2015, we found variances of 10-15% in the same garments (i.e. same label size, same colour and design). For example, we found a 6cms variance around the chest on a Marks & Spencer medium size polo shirt… A difference of ‘snug’ to ‘loose’ fit!

This highlights ‘SIZE’ recommendation is flawed. Made worse, when you realise that even when you do find a correct size fit, it doesn’t mean it looks good on you!

HOLM, on the other hand, provides accurate and unbiased ‘STYLE’ recommendation. We only focus on clothes we know will look great on you, by using key body measurements to understand your shape and then overlaying our expertise knowing which garment styles best complement.

Neither do we need to use ‘predictive’ algorithms or secret cookies that review your previous purchases (as data is easily corrupt if you share devices or use them to buy for others – meaning bad recommendations result). Our algorithms are fact based – which is why we give accurate recommendation from day one.

We simply show you what’s in store and/or online that will look great on you. You’ll see that snug fit or loose fit becomes far less relevant… when you wear styles that complement your shape!